Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Falkland/Malvinas Conflict
While the diplomatic tension between Britain and Argentina is risen by the minute due to the on-going dispute over the Falkland Islands [ or should I said the Malvinas] we heard in the news that Peru has cancelled a scheduled visit by a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Montrose, as an act of solidarity with Argentina. This is a very complicated dispute; both sides have argued their case with much patriotic posturing but little willingness to see the other side of the argument. Reason is not prevailing and dialogue is not in the agenda. This is a very emotional issue for both sides. The memory of the fallen soldiers is still quite raw in the British consciousness. For Latino Americans the dispute of the Falkland/Malvinas brings fresh memories of imperialism and colonialism in the region.
If the public opinion in Latino America is on the Argentinian side, it would be quite interesting to know what the British/American Bishops of the Anglican South Cone are thinking…because so far they are saying nothing…and maybe that is the right thing to do. The problem is, silence can be misinterpreted. I guess for many protestant Latino Americans to know which side the Anglican Bishops are taking will be a measure of their incarnation into the social fabric, culture and aspirations of Latin-American’s people. Neutrality could be their prerogative too, but believe me passionate Latinos would not understand that.