Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Feathers on the way
‘A young man wants to see you, Ernesto’.


I wonder if today is going to be one of those days when every twenty minutes someone calls at reception for me and asks for a food voucher. As if she can read my mind, Jane added,
‘Ernesto it is not about a food voucher’.

‘Ok, I will be there in a minute’.

I greeted a young man and took him to a room where we could have a private conversation.
‘I remember you. I have seen you before.’
‘Yes, I came here few months ago to enquire what I needed to do to be baptised.’
‘That is right, I remember, so what happened?’
‘You never contact me.’
‘Mmm... that’s very strange.’
‘Never mind, it was for the best.’

Then he told me how God has been doing amazing things in his life, all the time deepening his faith.
‘I also want to apologise to you.’
‘Because, I was very angry with you... I felt that you did not regard my story of conversion. Anyway, I’m not angry any more. God had showed me something amazing.’

He told me this story:

‘A couple of days ago I felt that God was asking me to leave the house and I did.’ ‘Where do you want to take me Lord?’ he had said, and for a while God said nothing; he thought that maybe he was just imagining everything. Then he realised there were fathers on the floor like in a line. He followed them and to his surprise, it led him to the church. He didn’t want to come to the church, but God had other ideas. He went to the chapel and there God spoke to him again. He said God had told him things about me and he felt terrible, as he had been angry with me all this time. After awhile he felt a profound presence of God.

‘I came to apologise’, the young man said.

We chatted for a while about God manifestations and I told him what one of my previous parishioners used to say to me each time she found feathers: that ‘Angels have been here’.

‘Can I be baptized?’ Certainly, and this time I will make sure you are.

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