Saturday, 26 February 2011

“Every one will see him coming in the clouds…”

By Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga

When Tele-evangelist Dr Paul Linton, president of Kingdom Broadcasting Network [KBN] received an unexpected code-note with the word “Parousia” from his friend Professor Ezra Horowitz, he immediately knew what it meant: the young researcher from the University of Jerusalem had finally decoded the most important event of human history, the second coming of Jesus Christ. Paul Linton has dreamed of broadcasting “live and exclusive” the second coming of Christ to the whole world. He now sees this as a real possibility as never before. Seeking support for this costly venture he summons his trustees to persuade them to invest in this project, without realising that this meeting will trigger a furious and violent race to try to obtain the Parousia date from the Professor.

Dr Linton’s son Tim, in Jerusalem to acquire the disc with the information from Professor Horowitz, finds that the Professor is missing and that his family has been murdered. He and Liz Roth, a minister and trustee of KBN, embark on a search for the Professor and from that moment find themselves involved in a web of intrigue, facing ruthless people prepared to do anything to get hold of the information.

Meanwhile, Professor Ezra Horowitz has found protection with a mysterious Palestinian man called Melquizedec. This encounter will change his ideas about what he is doing, and will strengthen his determination to fulfil his destiny.

Tim and Liz, tipped off about where to find Professor Horowitz, have been spied upon by Mossad agents on behalf of a powerful patron, also eager to obtain the Parousia date. When they finally meet Professor Horowitz, they realise they are not the only ones who have found him; there is no room for negotiation and no way out. As the last resort, Professor Horowitz threatens to destroy the disc if Tim and Liz are not allowed to leave safely, and when it seems that the information of the Parousia date is about to be destroyed, there is a dramatic twist in events.

Parousia is a graphic religious thriller, inspired by the furore of religious speculation regarding the second coming of Christ and the sometimes absurd world of religious broadcasting, with the backdrop of the current political events in the Holy Land.
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