Wednesday, 20 July 2011

“It clearly appears that there are no races in the world, however rude, uncultivated, barbarous, gross, or almost brutal they may be, who cannot be persuaded and brought to a good order and way of life, and made domestic, mild and tractable, provided ... the method that is proper and natural to men is used that is, love and gentleness and kindness.”

Bartolomé de Las Casas
Apostle of the Indies
1484 - 1566
Commemoration 20 July


Anonymous said...

How wopuld this relate to our prsent societ in Britain today? Recently we have had the riot's sparked off over the country. Displaying the society we all live in today on our streets. Every town has these people lurking and after dark falls they come out and display the evil they have in destroyining there environment. Not sure if this relates to what this thread is all about, but this is my respopnse to what was posted. The country has many angry people due to the recetion and is a tinderbox to this happening again. No hope for all who fall to unemplloyment and the goverment who dont really care. They only want the people for there votes and now we have this lost tribe of people who just are waiting to strike again. Mot a good picture i'm sure but we have the good people who come out and clear up the mess the rioters left behind. Do conclutions have been uplifted by the good people of this country.

Flying Fantastic said...

Creo que debería haber incluido la versión en español